09 January, 2007


In most cases I am an outspoken person and I have a lot of political opinions. Time and circumstance usually prevents me from posting about them, but today there have been a mutlitude of things that have caught my attention and I'd like to express my attention.

1. I truly believe that we must do more to save our planet. From reducing greenhouse gasses to being more economical, etc. But I also firmly believe that every person on this planet has the right to see and experience every corner of our planet if they have the means. So, for enviromentalists to say that Tony Blair and his family should NOT take long haul flights to go on holiday angers me. Yes, he should lead by example- but to tell him that he should not be allowed to take his family where he pleases on holiday is a slap in the face. Perhaps people who live in the United States should not be allowed to visit Paris, or Rome or any of the great wonders of the world. Perhaps we should be denied what may be our only chance to see the world and what it has to offer.
But, wait- if that happens- if we are prohibited from seeing and experiencing the world- then what incentive do we have for saving it?

2. I don't recall all this holier than thou nonsense from the politicians two months ago when it was announced that Saddam Hussein was to be put to death by hanging. THAT was ok. But, hey- you know what you fucking asshole Iraqis? It was totally wrong for you to insult him while you tied that noose around his neck. Honestly.

3. Apparently since our generation (20 somethings) grew up with video games and turned out mostly ok, that means that the kids playing with video games NOW will be fine. Just fine. Nothing wrong whatsoever. Oh, wait except WE grew up playing FROGGER and ZELDA and SUPER MARIO BROTHERS. NOT GRAND THEFT AUTO and MANHUNT. We negotiated castles and leapt across lily pads and zipped around great big tubes. THEY are stealing cars, raping hookers, stabbing and shooting people. Totally the same thing. Yeah, they'll be fine.