05 June, 2007


My second 7-3 day today. I felt exhausted most of the day. Nothing specific, I suppose just a combination of getting to bed a bit late and Rafe waking up at 2am. Skipped my 12:30 walk because I was so tired, but regretted it at 2:00. I comitted to taking the walks because I wanted to avoid getting tired at 2:00. So, screwed that up... I'll have to push myself a bit more to do it.

Came across a squirrel in the road as I pulled up to the drive leading to work this morning. He was still alive which was unexpected. I picked him up and he just clung to me, no effort to bite or anything. Bleeding from the nose a little but seemed fine otherwise. Took him into the office and kept him warm until one of the vets arrived and had a look at him. By that time he had shaken off the shock and was scrabbling around the cage. JO pronounced him fine and I took him back out and let him go in the trees where I thought he came from. He immediatley took off toward the road... I suppose he fell from a tree, I'm glad I found him before he was hit by a car. I was so pleased he was ok. A fellow expat gave me this link which had some good info about squirrels.

Headed home, Ocean had on a ROCK GODS hour. Great! Good Music! Ha. This week is Genesis. I don't remember what todays song was, but yesterday it was "Jesus looks into me". Ah, yes. Definetly HARD ROCK. *Sigh* The British never fail to dissapoint.

A letter from Chiquitos apologizing for the horrible experience at our local restaurant a few weeks ago. They specified that changes in the management had been made and the specific issues we raised had also been raised with the staff. Included a £40 voucher, roughly half of what we paid for the horrible meal. Invited us to try the new Chiquitos opening in July elsewhere near us. Perhaps we will, but definetly won't be returning to the Port Solent, Portsmouth restaurant.

Off to make Spaghetti for dinner. It is so nice to be home early. I'm going to like this shift.