08 February, 2008

Rafe Notes, etc.

"tank ew"
"unn uu ree or fye sih se-en ay"

Rafe doesnt talk much, not as much as other toddlers. But the words are there. He picks it up, uses it for a few days and disgards it again. Eventually it will all come together. His sister was much the same.

He is very quick. He understands practically everything. He will do exactly what you ask him(unless of course he doesnt want to!) Whether it's to find something, put something away, pick something up. And frequently he suprises me with the things he knows how to do. While making dinner tonight, he came in the kitchen wearing his wellies, having been barefoot only a moment before. They were of course, on the wrong feet. His sister, alas is much the same.

He is picky. He likes baked beans, toast, spaghetti, Mullers Rice, yogurt, and pancakes. (Fluffy sweet american style!) He ate 5 pancakes on pancake day, the little pig! Everything else is just not worth bothering with.

His sister left a dolls brush lying around one day and Rafe picked it up. His blonde hair is so long now that he loves to carry around the brush and brush his hair! It's very sweet.

As far as the rest of us- Olivia has attended her first funeral this week, for a teacher who recently passed away from breast cancer.

David has sold a picture to Sky, which we are very excited about!

Devon is on pins and needles waiting for Valentines day as he has a lovely necklace to give his "girlfriend", S.

I am taking a business course, and thinking of having my own bagel shop, ala Einsteins Bagels. I believe the idea is sound, but I'm not sure I'm the one to do it.
I enjoy working for my current company, anyway and don't really want to leave, though lately the job is incredibly stressful. For every person who is very nice and thanks me for arranging their payment plans, or working to reverse an insurance decision I get 3 people who are upset because I havent sent their insurance claim off fast enough, or haven't written a letter fast enough, or returned their call soon enough. Today I had a client on the phone who was just incredibly angry because it had taken one month to get her insurance settlements. Keep in mind that most clients can expect a wait of between 6 weeks and 6 months! She accused me of lying to her about the claims being sent at all, making up information, and then told me how awful our/MY customer service. This is a client who I have spent altogether about 3 hours on the phone with over two weeks, doing EVERYTHING I could to help her. And here she was just laying into me for god only knows what reason. Not to mention the two letters over the week which suggested my ability to do my job be reviewed. Of course being on the phone with an unhappy client for an hour meant I wasnt sending out insurance claims or writing letters... It was such a hard week that more than once I considered just getting up and walking out the door, crying myself to sleep knowing I would have to wake up and go BACK the next morning.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel, next week we are interviewing for another person to step in and take some of the load. I suppose I won't start baking bagels in earnest quite yet...

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